What To Expect From Your First Ski Vacation

There is nothing quite like nesting down in a cozy ski lodge during your spring break vacation. From enjoying the slopes or the shopping during the day, to enjoying the inspiring mountain views, to winding down in a hot tub or by the fire with your loved one, a ski vacation has something to offer for everyone. So what is stopping you from booking that winter cabin right now? Perhaps it is a mixture of inertia and misgivings about what a ski vacation can offer. Well, here is your guide for knowing exactly what to expect this spring break!

Myth 1: Skiing is for The Rich

While it is true that ski equipment can be very expensive, going on a ski trip is far from being outside of anyone’s budget. Typically, the costs can be divided into two categories: the equipment you will need to ski, like skis or a board, boots, and the proper clothing, and the expenses you incur off the slopes, such as meals, lodging, and transportation to and from the mountain. Luckily, there are many opportunities for savvy travelers to save.

For one, rent your equipment rather than buying it. You should only buy equipment if you can realistically plan to ski more than six times a year. Why buy something you can only use once every great while? Secondly, take advantage of lift ticket discounts, achieved by buying early, online, or for trips to the slopes during the middle of the week. Typically meals at the ski resort itself are incredibly over priced, so save on food and fare by heading into the village for victuals.

Myth 2: Skiing (or Snowboarding) is Hard

Skiing does not have to be hard, at all. While it is likely that you may fall a few times, most instructors start off by showing you how to properly fall while strapped into your skis or board. Signing up for lessons or a ski school is a great way to learn the ropes in a safe environment before trying your hand at some of the more advanced routes. Often, ski schools use specialized skis that are shorter, that make it easier to learn the basics of skiing.

Most resorts will have a special course, separate from the experienced skiers and adrenaline junkies, with gentle slopes where you can practice different techniques. As long as you take it slow and are gentle with yourself, you will have no problem enjoying this sport even into your advanced years!

Myth 3: Skiing is All There is To Do

If you think that you will spend all your time on your ski vacation on the slopes, or watching other people ski from the resort lodge, then you have clearly not spent much time in a mountain town! Ski towns tend to attract eclectic businesses and people, offering much to visitors. For instance, you might be surprised to find boutique clothing stores next to antique shops, guaranteeing the perfect souvenir from your ski trip.

You may also be surprised at the amenities you find at your lodge. Many offer indoor and outdoor pools and jacuzzis, fitness centers, and game rooms. Or, venture out into the village for a pint while you listen to live music and shoot a few rounds of pool with your fellow travelers.

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