Looking for a Unique Vacation?

With so many travelers looking for that trip that is “off the beaten track” there has been a real push for new and unique tours. One such example is the Copper Canyon Mexico tours that promise to take travelers to new and adventurous locales. It’s as much an educational experience as it is a vacation.

What’s really cool about these tours is that they are appealing to a wide range of people, and of all ages. While a beach vacation has its time and place, so do these eco tours that really take travelers into a whole new culture in immersive and intriguing ways.

The Copper Canyon People and Culture

For those unfamiliar with the Copper Canyon region in Mexico, it is an area that is relatively untouched still, which is difficult to find nowadays. While it’s hard to say how long the Rarámuri people have been living here, there is published history of explorers visiting the area and the people as far back as the late 1800s. There are approximately 90,000 Rarámuri in the region, and they believe in living a simple life and respecting all of nature and life around them.

What’s so spectacular about the culture is that its traditions and the Tarahumara language have remained after all these years without being changed or altered.

As you travel through the region you will find a trail of small villages where the Rarámuri people live. Each of these villages has a council or governing system to ensure the traditions and culture are upheld. As you travel from village to village you’ll find interesting differences, yet they are all still tied together.

Finding Copper Canyon

Because the Copper Canyon area is relatively unknown, it comes as no surprise that travelers are unsure of where to find it. The area is also known as Sierra Tarahumara and can be found south of Chihuahua, Mexico. As you traverse the region you’ll find it consists of striking canyons and mountains. The area encompasses the Tepehuanes, Warijo, Pima, and Tarahumara areas. It lies about 345 miles from the border of Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, USA. Obviously it’s a very remote area.

What a Tour Entails

If you’re thinking a tour of the region is for you, then you’ll want to be sure you pick Copper Canyon Mexico Tours that really take you into their life and their culture. Tours should be performed by native guides, as they will be able to give you the most informed look at the life of the Rarámuri.

Having the option to choose the length of your tour is another must-have. While there are day tours available, you can also immerse yourself in longer more in-depth tours. Hiking is one of the greatest ways to discover and learn about the region. Just make sure you’ve got your camera handy for the many beautiful photo ops you are bound to encounter.

Copper Canyon Mexico tours are meant for those who have an adventurous and inquisitive spirit, and who want to learn more about the world around them.

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