5 Important Camping Safety Tips For Children

Camping and spending time in the wilderness are great bonding activities for families, especially those with kids. However, the great outdoors is unpredictable and parents should always prioritize safety to ensure the wellness of everyone in the family. When you come prepared and exercise caution, the risk of injuries and trouble are automatically minimized.

Have a fun-filled and worry-free outdoor adventure with these important camping safety tips for children:

Bring the appropriate clothing

You must remember, there is no adjusting the thermostat when you’re out in the woods, that’s why it’s important that children wear clothes appropriate to the weather whenever they’re outdoors. It’s ideal to check the weather forecast for the days of your trip to know the proper clothing to bring. Dress your little ones in layers so that it’s easy to adjust according to the weather. Don’t forget to bring the right footwear, too!

Learn about poisonous plants and insects

Children are naturally curious – so don’t be surprised if the first thing they do when you arrive at the campsite is to wander off and explore. They could easily come in contact with plants and insects that may be poisonous and cause them harm. To prevent this, show them photos of plants that they should stay away from. Be sure to have anti-allergy medicine and a complete first aid kit ready.

Bring your own water

Kids’ stomachs are way more sensitive compared to ours as adults. To avoid things like stomach ache, diarrhea and the like, bring drinking water from home. If your family will be hiking and need to pack light, pack some iodine tablets instead. Be sure to remind them not to drink from any other water source!

Give them instructions about emergency situations

The outdoors are truly unpredictable and the key to staying safe is to come prepared. Sit the little ones down and give them a talk about what they should do during emergency situations. They should know the first thing to do in case they get lost, encounter a wild animal or get injured.

Prepare a complete first aid kit

Everyone is prone to injuries when they’re outdoors, especially kids. This is unavoidable but what we can do is to be ready once they happen. Be sure to have tools and medication to treat minor cuts, burns and allergic reactions!

With the right preparation and tools, the risk of injuries decreases significantly. Follow these useful camping safety tips for children!


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