Day: October 10, 2022

Adventure Travel

Exciting Experience With Kayaking Halong Bay

Introduction of the Kayak Kayak is a relatively small and narrow boat. It is controlled completely by human power. This kind of boat is designed to be manually pushed by hand paddle. This boat is mainly used for tourism. The maximum capacity of a boat is 2 people. Initially, you may not know how to […]

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Travel and Leisure

Once I Was a Rooster, Now I’m a Feather Duster

When I set out on my first adventure pulling a 2.5 tonne caravan behind my shiny new, Toyota Prado 4 Wheel Drive, I knew Jack about caravans. I’d just picked it up – all 7 metres of it – at a Geelong sales yard. It was raining heavily. Dressed in my usual shorts, polo shirt, […]

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Ski Resorts

USA or European Ski Holiday? What’s the Difference?

So what’s the difference between skiing in Europe vs The USA? “The powder snow!” is what you hear the natives yell about and it’s true floating in 12 inches of fluffy powder snow is certainly a one of a kind experience. However there are many other elements to skiing in the USA which make it […]

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Destination Tips

Las Vegas Tips for Night Clubbers

Vegas Strip Clubs Provide Free Limos Aside from going to nightclubs while in Vegas, most of the people visit strip clubs as well. Strip clubs have cover charges that range from $20 to $30 per person. Fortunately, guests can avoid paying this much when they take advantage of the promos offered by the club. A […]

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Business Travel

Staying Connected While Traveling in the 21st Century Mobile World

The 21st century has become quite hectic. Our careers take us to more places than ever before to conduct business, whether we are in business for ourselves or for companies for whom we work. As hectic as that is, though, what makes traveling in business the most hectic is the fact that we are never […]

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Quick and Easy Campfire Snacks For A Hassle-Free Outdoor Trip

When you’re camping, you should aim to prepare meals and snacks that won’t take too much time and effort. Apart from your main meals, snacks are also important for in between and especially around the campfire. But being at camp doesn’t mean that all you have to eat is trail mix – here are some […]

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